Integrated Applications

Meeting the software demands of municipalities


All of BBI’s applications are seamlessly integrated but each application can also be used as a stand alone piece. We are aware of the demands that municipalities face on a daily basis. For that reason we offer the following software to help meet that demand:


BBI’s Budgetary/Accounting application is the foundation of our powerful Municipal Management System. This application is a true multi-fund product that meets GAAFR and GAAP standards. It is designed specifically for municipalities. Unlike many other systems, our Budgetary/Accounting application comes complete with Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable. This allows for a simple, seamless integration. This means you get real time data to monitor budget availability and manage other control issues.

Payroll/Human Resources

BBI’s Payroll application was created as an “exception” system. This means normal earnings and withholdings are preset recurring entries and do not need to be changed from pay period to pay period. You only need to adjust employee exceptions such as vacation time or sick leave. The Human Resources function within the module maintains a history of each employee. All relevant data flows into the Budgetary/Accounting application which eliminates the need for multiple entries.

  • Direct Deposit to up to 5 bank accounts
  • Creates information for MS State Employee Retirement System
  • W-2’s
  • Interface with biometric time clock

Utility/Water Billing

One of the finest and easiest to use utility billing systems available today, BBI’s Utility/Water Billing application is comprehensive yet user friendly. It allows for easy account maintenance, simple meter readings entry, quick posting of payments and unlimited history on all accounts. It can accommodate radio read meters as well as hand held meter readers. The application can generate refund checks or create balance due notices for customers who have terminated service.

  • Capabilities for the account and postnet bar coding of bills (Bar coded bills can be scanned with a variety of scanning equipment for accurate posting of payments)
  • Receipts can be printed to receipt printers
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House) and/or bank draft capable
  • Work Order system is included
  • A link to Google maps is provided which will show the location of the service address
  • Integration with many handheld computers for meter reading: Percon/Falcon, Badger, and Neptune

Court Fines

BBI’s Court Fines application is designed to meet state regulations and provide easy access to your court’s account receivable information. With outstanding fines and ageing reports our software gives you the ability to track by defendant the number of offenses and the amount owed or paid on those offenses with unlimited history capabilities.

  • Warrant/Affidavit processing
  • Failure to Appear notices
  • Create dockets
  • Interfaces directly with MS Department of Public Safety’s eCitation

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets provides a database of city owned property. The system provides acquisition and disposition property, plus depreciation schedules.

Scanner processing allows you to upload inventory data to a handheld device for a physical inventory, plus various inventory status reports.

Various reports are available such as a master listing, departmental listing, inventory valuation report, current year acquisitions and dispositions reports.

Business/Privilege License

Our Privilege/Business License application allows for the maintenance of a master record for each business. This master record gives you the ability to:

  • Automatically calculate the amount of each business license based on user defined data
  • Automatically calculate late fees
  • Track licenses, owners, emergency information, tax I.D. numbers, expiration dates, and more
  • Process applications and calculate fees accurately
  • Generate license forms and renewal notices
  • Track and notify delinquencies
  • Automatically download business information to your web site

Property Taxes

Our Property Tax application gives you the resources to track and collect taxes that are owed to your municipality. You will have the ability to produce tax notices and collect taxes or just collect taxes depending on the module that you purchase.

You will be able to track delinquent taxes, create information for tax sales and post payments directly into the Property Tax module. This information will flow directly into our General Ledger/Accounting system saving you time and redundant entries.

There’s a good chance BBI currently works with your county’s IT professional. We can get the data from your county for property tax receipts and collections.

Voter Registration

Voter Registration provides a database of all registered voters within the city. With this information the city can provide election lists or files for candidates running in future elections.

By maintaining election data you can provide the election commissioners with information necessary to validate upcoming elections.

In addition to the election list the system provides voter notices, poll books and voter activity reports.

Incident Reporting

Our Incident Reporting application gives citizens the ability to call in and report occurrences such as potholes, fallen limbs or other concerns that they may have. Once the incident has been reported it is entered into the application and your municipality has the resources to monitor and track the incident to its conclusion. The incidents can be entered and tracked by ward/district giving your board/counsel members an accurate representation as to the concerns of their constituents.

Miscellaneous Receipts

Miscellaneious receipts provides computer generated receipts instead of handwritten receipts. It also provides daily receipts reports and deposit reports by bank. This information will flow directely into General Ledger/Accounting system saving you time and redundant entries.