Since 1982

Software solutions for municipalities and water associations

About BBI, Inc.

BBI, Inc offers a varied range of software that a Municipality or Water Association could use. BBI, Inc software manages all functions of a municipality from the accounting, billing, and permits to even garage sales and animal control. We have been in business for 40 years and we are committed to constant growth, both as a company and the use of the latest technology. We know that you will like our “hands on” approach to helping our customers get the most out of the software they purchase. Cities, towns, counties, utilities, water authorities, and gas districts all agree…BBI, Inc. works.

How BBI is different

What makes our implementation process different from the others? It’s planned, managed and executed by BBI, Inc employees. We have a proven record of delivering software solutions on time and on budget. Our unique and proprietary skills, focused and dedicated staff, and vested interest in our clients’ success, guarantee that each implementation goes smoothly. We understand that hiring a CPA firm is expensive and some clerks just need some assistance. That is why we work so closely with your staff, to assist them in the everyday problems a municipality faces. We offer several levels of Software to meet each client’s needs and budget. We want implementation of BBI, Inc. solutions to result in clients that are not only completely satisfied, but willing to recommend our products and services. BBI, Inc.’s solutions reflect the company’s single objective—to help users achieve their goals. BBI, Inc. provides tools that enable users to be more efficient, make information more accessible, and help agencies to be more responsive to the needs of citizens.

Products made for you

BBI, Inc. features powerful financial management products, including: Budgetary Accounting, Payroll, and Business License (etc…). Each suite of products is tailored to provide the most advanced functionality for the specific needs of government agencies of all sizes. BBI, Inc.’s experts are here to help clients choose the right solutions for their agency. BBI, Inc. Financial Management software and services integrate information across an entire organization—from routine accounting transactions to human resource management to Web services to meeting state and federal mandates. Simply put, they are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. BBI, Inc. solutions enable our clients to work more effectively and to be successful. BBI, Inc. systems are enhanced even more when clients utilize BBI, Inc.’s Web capabilities.